Policy and Community Pathway

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Course Description

This pathway provides participants with an in-depth understanding of how to establish inclusive leadership and governance systems, including: building capacity to understand the needs of vulnerable groups; identifying and working with stakeholder groups based on proven and inclusive data collection methods; empowering stakeholders; and establishing transparent inclusivity in all aspects of policy, standards, strategy, and regulation.

The Policy and Community Pathway is designed to let participants learn the details of how to establish inclusive leadership and governance systems, along with capacity building to understand the needs of vulnerable groups, guide participants through the aspects of stakeholder management from the development of strong and proven data collection methods as a way to identify stakeholder groups, to the establishment of engagement objectives, frameworks, and processes to encourage stakeholder empowerment, and learning about the importance and specifics of integrating transparent inclusivity into policy, strategy, and regulation.

The Policy and Community Pathway consists of the following four modules:

  • Module 1: Inclusive Infrastructure Framework
  • Module 2: Stakeholder Identification, Engagement and Empowerment
  • Module 3: Governance and Capacity Building
  • Module 4: Policy, Regulation and Standards

The Global Infrastructure Hub's Certificate in Inclusive Infrastructure Program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to achieve social equity through infrastructure policy and projects. Developed in partnership with Toraza Zenith and Dr Ibrahim Odeh, it is the first online course dedicated to upskilling infrastructure professionals in inclusive infrastructure practices.


Understand the Inclusive Infrastructure Framework, and the rationale for and methods of enhancing inclusivity through stakeholder engagement and empowerment, governance, capacity building, policy, regulation, and standards.

Target Audience

This course was developed and designed for professionals in government and the private sector, as well as international development agencies and non-profit organisations, who want to increase the social benefits created through infrastructure policy and delivery.

Sector: Private

$900.00 USD
Inclusive Infrastructure